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PeopleScout a TrueBlue company, is the world leader in the realm of talent acquisition. Over a period of time PeopleScout created a system using MS Excel that would help a manager maintain information pertaining to his downstream team members. The master excel sheet would be sliced by team member and sent to him over email. The team members would update the sheet they received at the end of their shift and send it back to the manager. The manager would then collate the sheets from his team members. This was very time taking for the manager and susceptible to information drop puts and other errors.

We created a web based solution using an RDBMS and Selenium for Robotic Process Automation(RPA) . This allowed team members to see the data pertaining only to them and allowed them to enter information pertaining to their activities in real time using a simple web page. Since the system was online the updates from the team members would reflect in the manager’s view in real time. With the new web based system in place the organization could achieve a 38% enhancement on productivity. Many organizations have the same story and they can all benefit from this solution.